What Are Some Of The Best Weight Loss Programs?

2 Week DietLosing weight can at times feel like an endless and hopeless struggle.

Every year, millions of people resolve that this will be the year that they finally reach their goal weight.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of these resolutions will go unfulfilled.

Often, all you need is a bit of external motivation and assistance to really start making progress.

Using a weight loss plan can give you the tools that you need to start dropping those excess pounds.

By choosing one of the best weight loss programs around, you can make some real progress towards your goals.

Weight Watchers

According to many experts, the most effective plan for losing weight is the long-standing Weight Watchers program.

This plan involves counting points when you diet, and was found by a number of studies to be the most effective both at helping people lose weight and keeping it off for the long term.

Even a highly-ranked plan such as this one, however, is only seen as being “moderately effective” for long term weight loss.

This is because for many people, the real challenge is not losing the weight in the first place. Instead, it is avoiding gaining it back.

The HMR Diet

This plan is backed by a great deal of medical research and has been used effectively for more than 30 years.

It involves using HMR meal replacements to substitute for the food that you would regularly eat. The plan also increases the amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet.

The plan also involves regular exercise, as well as medical supervision.

By using the meal replacement strategy, many people have been able to lose weight in the short term, as well as keep most of it off in the long run.

The Biggest Loser Diet

You may have seen the popular reality show called “The Biggest Loser,” in which overweight people compete to win $1 million by losing the greatest percentage of their body weight.

While the techniques used on the show are not suitable for most people, the creators of the show have developed a home weight loss program.

The plan is focused on restricting calories, making healthier food choices, and increasing the amount of exercise that you do.

Patients who stuck with the program for at least 6 weeks lost more weight and experienced better outcomes than a control group.

Jenny Craig

One of the most popular programs is the Jenny Craig diet plan. Like other plans, it involves becoming more physically active and eating a healthier diet.

However, it also includes individual counseling sessions that can provide much-needed guidance and emotional support.

The plan also relies on prepackaged meals that are designed to reduce the amount of calories that you consume.

Some experts question the effectiveness of this plan at long-term weight loss, however.

As you can see, the best weight loss programs all revolve around eating a healthier diet and becoming more physically active.

Give one of these a try to see if it helps you achieve your goals.

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