Top 7 Tips for How to Lose Weight Fast, and Keep It Off Permanently!

2 Week DietAre you ready to make serious changes in your life? Is it time for you to shed those excess pounds, and keep them off for good?

If you are tired of yo-yo dieting, then make the choice to get off of that destructive cycle, and learn how to transform your perceptions and actions to create a lifestyle plan based upon health and wellness.

These tips will teach you the basics for permanent weight loss in a realistic design.

One: Burn More Calories for Weight Loss

A basic premise of weight loss is that you must burn more calories than you consume each day.

Once you have achieved your goal, you need to keep these numbers approximately equal.

While you can attempt methods to circumvent this reality, such as using products to minimize calorie absorption or eliminate foods quickly, you will only harm your body.

Instead, you need to develop a lifestyle approach that helps you to burn your unwanted fat, and then transition seamlessly into a maintenance plan.

Two: Consume Adequate Fiber

The modern western diet is deficient in fiber, leading to digestive troubles, weight gain and related health issues.

If you are serious about transforming your life, then you must choose foods that are higher in fiber, rather than the refined products found in most homes across the country.

White flour, white rice and peeled potatoes provide no fiber, minimal nutrition and blood sugar level disturbances.

You can still enjoy a wide range of dishes, including desserts, without utilizing these “filler” foods.

Switch to whole grains, such as brown rice, quinoa and spelt.

You can purchase breads, pastas and related items made from these healthier alternatives.

Additionally, you may cook with them instead of the refined products to which you are accustomed. There are multiple websites and cookbooks dedicated to this purpose.

Three: Drink Sufficient Water Daily

While you have likely heard about the need for adequate water intake, you may not have considered the reasons behind it, and why you need to make sure you are getting your fill each day.

More than half of your body is water; you need to keep it fresh, or face health consequences. Not only does water transport nutrients to your cells, it is also the vehicle for removal of toxins.

If you work out regularly, then you will lose even more water when you sweat.

Drinking enough water to replace this, and keep your system fresh will result in clearer skin and a reduced hunger.

To determine the minimal amount of water that you need each day, take your weight, in pounds, and divide in half.

That number is how many ounces you should drink, if you are not active and the weather is agreeable.

Increase as needed to keep your body properly hydrated.

Four: Increase Your Activity Throughout the Day

Sure, regular exercise is fantastic for weight loss; however, you need to become more active overall if you really want to shed excess weight and keep it off.

Try walking to local venues, rather than driving, and use the stairs rather than an elevator when possible.

Use a bike when possible to run errands, and park away from building entrances when you must drive. Instead of snacking on your work breaks, take a brisk walk to boost your metabolism and refresh your mind.

The more frequently you can boost your heart rate, the more calories that you will burn, even when you are inactive.

Five: Develop a Balanced Exercise Routine

In addition to general activity, you also need to have several focused workout routines each week.

If you use a combination of cardiovascular, stretching and strengthening exercises, you should create a healthy and robust routine that will help you to lose weight and reach your wellness goals.

You may want to vary your choices throughout the year to enjoy outdoor exercises when the weather is agreeable.

Six: Get Adequate Rest

While you sleep, your body heals and your mind processes the events of the day. Poor sleep habits raise your risk of illness and disease.

In order to ensure that you get enough rest each night, you need to create a nightly routine that will help your mental and physical self to transition into a peaceful sleep.

Do not eat for at least two hours before retiring for the night. Your digestive tract needs a break during the night.

Additionally, you need to have a schedule that allows you to have an hour or so before bed without technology.

Listen to classical music, read a print book or practice meditation.

By adhering to the same routine, your body will learn to relax at that time, and you will enter rest more easily each night, waking refreshed and well-rested.

Seven: Care for Your Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Health

To achieve a higher state of wellness, you must ensure that you take care of every aspect of your being, not just your body.

If you need mental health counseling, spiritual guidance or emotional support, seek these out from strong, healthy sources in your community.

You may want to join a meditation group or another type of support system in order to give you the balanced support that you deserve in your weight loss efforts.

Being healthy is not just about losing weight; it is about transforming your relationship with yourself.

You need to address it from each aspect of life, and begin to practice daily living habits that will allow you to lose weight, and then to maintain your goal through the healthy lifestyle that you have developed.

Doing so will remove you from the negative, downward spiral of yo-yo dieting, and allow you to achieve the health and activity levels that you desire.

Believe in yourself, practice these tips and you will begin to notice a change not just in how you look on the outside, but also how you feel on the inside!

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