Top 5 Best Cardio For Weight Loss

Best Cardio For Weight LossGetting rid of stubborn fat in your body can prove very difficult, especially if you do not know which are the best cardio for weight loss.

Today, many studies have shown that engaging in some cardio exercises will help you lose weight and get that body shape you have always wanted.

The best cardio for weight loss involves a number of aerobic workouts, which you should include in your workout schedule to achieve the perfect results.

Whether you decide to do the exercises at moderate or higher intensity, you are sure to burn more calories with cardio workouts than regular exercises.

Walking was once thought to be a great aerobic exercise which people were advised to engage in for overall health.

Today, however, its benefits go beyond just guaranteeing you great health; it is one of the best cardio for weight loss, helping you shed some extra fat so that you can maintain your body shape.

It is great especially if you are a beginner or are overweight and need to get rid of the extra calories in your body.

According to various researches, when you make targets to walk at least a ten thousand steps a day, you will lose 300-400 calories per hour.

The great thing about walking is that it is a lower intensity workout, and works by increasing your metabolism so that more fat can be consumed to provide energy.

As a beginner, go ahead and walk three times a week, ensuring you go for 20 to 45 minutes every session.


Different Ways To Lose Weight With Dietary ChangesRunning is considered an efficient cardio, which is why it makes to the top as one of the best cardio for weight loss.

The good thing about running is that it is sufficiently high intensity, helping you burn more calories and at the same time stimulating your metabolic rate for improved cardiovascular fitness.

Just like walking, running involves all the parts in your lower body as well as the upper body only that it is on a larger scale.

To be more specific, it works your quadriceps, hamstrings, hip flexors, and soleus muscles to provide you a greater workout.

According to fitness experts, you should consider jogging at least three times a week and continue for 20 to 30 minutes in every session.

When you stick to your workout schedule through running it will be easy to shed about 600 calories per hour.


cycling to lose weightCycling too involves the same muscles as jogging, but it has an added benefit of being lower impact. This makes it ideal for everyone, whether a beginner or an experienced trainer.

You can choose to do cycling on a stationary bike or on the road. Either way you are sure to strip body fat and even improve your fitness levels, especially if you are an athletic performer.

Cycling, being among the best cardio for weight loss requires you to try your best and stick to a specific schedule whereby you cycle three times a week, ensuring you complete 30 to 45 minutes for every session.

This way you will get better results and increase your chances of attaining the body you want in a short time.


Swimming is indeed the best cardio for losing weight, but only when you train to swim at a competitive level.

Set a pace as well as a few days a week to go swimming and you will shed those extra pounds in a few weeks.

It basically burns calories by exercising all the muscles in your body, providing your cardiovascular system a great workout.

Better still, you will no longer worry about heart diseases, stroke and complications that arise due to type 2 diabetes.


Many people may not know it, but yes, rowing too is one of the best cardio for weight loss, providing a great total workout for your body.

Most fitness gurus will tell you that they consider it to be the perfect exercise since it works nearly all the major muscles in your body.

Unlike walking and jogging, this cardio is of higher intensity and tends to burn more fat per hour, even more than other aerobic exercises.

If it is possible, go ahead and do some rowing at least once a week and your worries about gaining weight will be long gone.

When it comes to the best cardio for weight loss, you cannot go wrong trying out these exercises.

Whether you decide to go for walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, or rowing, you are sure to lose all the extra fat in your body in the shortest time possible.

Do what professionals do as far as best cardio for weight loss is concerned and your dream to tone up your body will certainly become a reality.

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