Eight Easy Ways To Lose Weight Feel Better And Stronger

2 Week DietAre you interested in losing weight without effort or working out? It is possible and we will show you how.

It’s really easy. You’ve probably done these yourself at some point.

It wasn’t so long ago that you couldn’t pay at the pump or have your pizza delivered to your front door.

Remember when you had to get up to change the channel or adjust the settings on the television?

As these tasks became easier, our opportunities for daily physical activity decreased.

Believe it or not, burning calories with these types of activities can result in a loss of 38 pounds over a year.

Of course, if you are turning this leisure time into a chance to ride a bike, take a walk or even hit the gym – then you’re getting the most out of this extra time.

However, we all know we are more likely to use this extra time surfing the internet or commuting to work.

Many experts note that today most people have no idea of how sedentary they’ve become.

Dr. Blair is the Director of Research for The Cooper Institute is a physical education doctor or PED.

He believes that a primary reason for the increase in obesity in the United States is this gradual decrease in the daily activity of most Americans.

Today’s adult will use between 300 and 700 fewer calories daily than their parents.

There is good news, however. It is actually pretty simple to increase your daily activity and to burn more calories, shape up and get healthy.

According to a study by the Cooper Institute, adding lifestyle activities such as walking in from a far parking spot, climbing steps, or cleaning your house can provide benefits similar to those you would gain by working out at the gym.

Consider adding these eight simple activities to your daily schedule and burn more calories and lose weight without even trying.

Energize Your Days

When you are performing your routine activities, bump up the energy level.

Walk the dog to music and add a few dance steps or while you’re vacuuming the house, shake, shake, shake your booty!

Keep In Step

As you climb stairs, you are forced to lift your body weight against the pull of gravity.

This burns calories. Another tip is to step on and off the curb while you are waiting to cross the street or gassing your car.

In addition to taking the stairs every chance you get, try stepping off and on the curb while waiting for the bus or while getting gas.

Hold The Pen Practice

This may be difficult at first, but as you work at it, you will burn calories and also stand taller and look slimmer.

Good posture can help burn calories.

One expert agrees. Dr. Taylor-Kevin Isaacs from California State University is an exercise physiologist.

He recommends doing this exercise to improve your posture.

Sit or stand with arms relaxed and hanging at your side.

Face your palms forward and visualize holding a pen between your shoulder blades.

Squeeze your shoulder blades together and attempt to hold the pen in place.

Hold this position for a count of six and repeat the exercise 12 times.

Fill Your Bags And Lift

You are missing a great opportunity to get in a light workout if you have someone else carry in your groceries.

Carrying your own purchases helps build strength and burn calories.

This is according to Beth Rothenberg, a certified coach and fitness trainer.

Even if it takes more than one trip, carry a bag in each hand so you are balanced and carry them in at the same time.

If possible, pack two light suitcases instead of one heavy one and then carry both suitcases yourself.

Stay On The Ball

Use a giant exercise ball instead of a desk chair and burn calories while you work.

Dr. Cedric X. Bryant from the American Council on Exercise believes this is a great idea which is why so many office workers are sitting on exercise balls all day.

To remain stable and be able to work, you must engage your core muscles. This is a great workout and you burn a lot of calories.

Walk It Off

Park as far away as possible, walk to the restroom across the building and visit the vending machine two floors up, taking the stairs both ways.

Sandra Swami, a fitness trainer in Minneapolis teaches a program designed to get more working women moving during the day.

She urges each of her clients to make it a habit to walk further every day.

Chair Dance

At work, stand up, stretch, and sit down four times on the hour. If you have to, set an alarm so you don’t’ have an excuse to miss a session.

Swami points out that doing this quick exercise every hour will allow you to stretch and get in four squats.

This means in an eight hour day, you’ll do 32 squats. Before you know it, you’ll be stronger and have more energy.

Stretch While You Wait

If you find yourself waiting for something to happen during the day, take the opportunity to stretch or get in a few buttock squeezes.

So, when you’re standing at the copier waiting for a job to finish, lean back and stretch or do some side leg lifts.

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